A Halloween Yard Display with a Disney Influence

I love Halloween so much and one of my favorite things to do is drive around and find different houses with Halloween decorations.  Well, while driving through Hollywood a couple of weeks ago, I found a house, which was decorated with a heavy Disneyland influence.

The left side of the yard had a great replica of the Skeletal helmsman scene from Pirates of the Caribbean.

Forever the Captain of his Ship


Great detail on the Skeleton.


The opposite side of the yard had a basic cemetery scene, but one tombstone looked familiar…

A Mansion Tombstone?


Right away, I knew that this tombstone was sculpted to resemble the tombstones found in the Haunted Mansion.  Take a look below at the tombstone’s influence found in Disneyland’s Haunted Mansion:

Photo by Daveland


People that put care and energy into the Halloween decorations displayed in their yards really make Halloween what it is.  It is such a wonderful thing to find a great haunted house, especially with scenes from different Disney attractions.  I will keep a whether eye open for more Disney Halloween Houses in the future.

Have a Happy Halloween Everyone!