A Pirate’s Preview For Me!

Last night, David and I saw the special preview for “Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides” at Disneyland.

We were both pleasantly surprised to find out that the preview was to be held in Big Thunder Ranch.  We had totally forgot about that theater area back there.  It was great to see that again!

To start off our Pirate adventure, we were entertained by live actors in the queue.  They did a fine job helping you pass the time.  Then came my favorite part of the whole experience.  An interactive animatronic parrot greets you and has conversations with passerbys.  This was the same parrot that used to be out in front of “Pirates of the Caribbean” in Florida.  Imagineering decided to make him walk the plank when they added Jack Sparrow and crew in the attraction.  But now he is back from the depths of Davy Jones and he looks fantastic!

Once you enter the theater, you take a seat on the ground with your 3D glasses and get ready for a rollicking adventure.  Cast members dressed as Pirates introduce the preview and in no time, you are experiencing “Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides”.

After your preview, keep a weather eye open for Jack Sparrow!