Captain EO Holy Grail

Sure you may have the glove, or the little red leather jacket, or perhaps even a decent moonwalk, but let me ask you this, do you own an LED Captain EO Disneyland visor?  I’m guessing that you probably don’t, not because you aren’t the biggest Michael Jackson fan of all time, the kind of fan who pretends to know all the thriller dance moves, but because this item has become a rarity in the Michael Jackson and Captain EO collectible market. Let me for a moment reflect on why I think that is.  

Apologies in advance for all the questions; I enjoy a certain rapport with my readers, but have you ever in all of your days at Disneyland spotted amongst the crowds of Disney park-goers someone wearing this piece of sparkling Disney imperfection? The answer is probably no, that is unless you’ve actually had the rare opportunity to catch my blinking head in the park, and the reason for this is immediately apparent for anyone who has ever witnessed or worn this piece of Disneyana.

The problem has to do with the fact that the LED lights are powered by a 9-volt battery.  Yes you heard that correct, a 9-volt battery strapped to the side of your head just in front of your left ear by your temple.  The battery hangs loosely inside of an elastic loop and batteries can get hot, hot enough to burn the side of your Michael Jackson loving face.  Sometimes the price to pay for hip retro fashion is a nasty 9-volt battery burn, lucky me.

Note: The black electrical tape pictured is strictly to compensate for elastic wear and tear.