Did You Know? – “Tower of Terror” Easter-Egg

Here’s another in our “tiny details of Disneyland” series.  I love this kind of stuff at the parks.  The tiny details that start as a rumor and are confirmed by a cast member or website are what make repeat visits to the park a joy for APs and families alike.

Today’s easter-egg is at DCA inside the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror.  Upstairs in the boiler room part of the queue, this “Lil’ Homies” action figure (available at your local grocery store or penny (.50¢) machine at the mall) stands guard at the far right elevator.

He's Watching Over You

He’s difficult to see in the dark queue but he’s there!  He welcomes everyone to the upper right-side freight elevator.  Keep an eye out for him next time you take a trip into the 5th dimension at the Disney California Adventure park!