Diets and Disneyland

I recently went on a very strict diet and Disneyland was the one place I allowed myself to “cheat.”  One of my favorite things to get at the DLR is pizza from Pizza Planet and a cookie.  Actually, the chocolate-chip cookies at Disneyland ANYWHERE went with every meal I got.  I suppose I’ll get into my favorite DLR snacks another time (Churros, for example, do not remind me or get me excited for Disneyland).

The BBQ Chicken Pizza Is My Vice!

What I wanted to talk about today was the discovery of the Disneyland Guten-Free Menu!  We discovered this 6-page (double-sided, even!) menu when going to City Hall on Main Street to suggest they leave the park’s restaurants open later than 10pm when Disneyland Park guests will potentially be roaming the park for another 2+hours.  While looking for food after 10, we continuously were pointed toward the bread-bowl stand for food and while that was a viable option for everyone else in my group, it does not fall in-line with my diet.

City Hall said they would take the suggestion into consideration and went a step further by offering up this awesome menu!  One would have never thought that there would be gluten-free buns at most burger and sandwich-eateries!  Who would have thunk that while your friends and family were having churros and bread-bowls, you can enjoy something else without having to have brought your own food?

And while all of the gluten-free options might not fall 100% into my diet (I cannot have corn and other strange things I’d rather not go into), it certainly is a healthier option for someone like me who LOVES Disneyland food and is also trying to “shape up” for a wedding!  I’ll be reporting on some of my favorite foods from this menu in future posts but I would love to hear what your favorite healthy Disneyland snacks are!  Heathy dining at Disneyland?  I back it!