Disneyland Trip Report: October 16, 2011

This past Sunday, an evening trip to the Disneyland Resort was in store.

When we got to the park, night was already upon us and we were a bit hungry.  So, we went to the new area on Paradise Pier in DCA to get something to eat.  I had pizza and salad.  It was wonderful.  I’m very impressed with the food there.

Wonderful Theming and Food


Once we were full, we headed over to The Little Mermaid: Ariel’s Undersea Adventure.  We walked right on and experienced our enchantment under the sea.  It was a great ride as always.

DCA's Newest Attraction


We wanted to go to Tower of Terror after the Mermaid, but it was already closing time for DCA.  So we headed over to the original: Disneyland Park!

The Main Entrance!


Since everyone was coming over from a closed DCA, it was quite crowded on Main Street.  We decided to do some shopping on Main Street to start our night at the Magic Kingdom.  David bought some really neat Haunted Mansion Holiday pins.

The cavalcade of characters.


"I know you're curious to see what's inside...


...It's what happens when two holidays collide!"


We stopped in the Main Street Cinema for a few minutes and watched old Disney shorts.  I like it in there.  I just wish that they would change the movies that they play inside.  I have seen pictures in the past where they play actual silent movies in the theatre like “Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde” and “The Phantom of the Opera”.  These are public domain films and they could easily play those for Halloween time.  I think that would be a wonderful little detail and a bit of nostalgia for some people.

The Cinema's Ticket Taker is in the Halloween Spirit!


How great would it be if they did this today???


The first ride we went on at Disneyland was Casey Jr.’s Circus Train.  We sat in my favorite spot, the caboose.  The ride was really fun.  I can’t get enough of it.

The Ticket Booth


We took a stroll through Big Thunder Trail after that and looked at some of the Halloween decorations on display.  They have a really neat pumpkin with a carved skeleton Mickey on it.  I really love walking through Big Thunder Trail at night.  It is so dark and eerie, even when it’s not Halloween!

The Skeleton Mickey Pumpkin


The Haunted Mansion Holiday was up next.  It was its usual great self.  I didn’t notice anything different from the previous visit.  I’m wondering if anyone else ever had this issue with the Mansion…  When we left the stretching room, we were in the front of the group exiting the lift.  Now it seems as though people are rushing us to get to their doombuggy, but I like to enjoy the changing portraits.  I like to go at a nice slow pace, but everyone else rushes to get to the “ride” and skips a great part of the attraction.  To me, the ride began when we entered the Mansion in the foyer and I want to experience everything.  It’s frustrating that people don’t take the time to enjoy the wonderful details.

The Haunted Mansion


The Little Oogie


We ended our night by looking through the New Orleans Square gift shops and spending some time with the Fortune Red Machine.  I love that thing.  The pirate inside looks so neat!

Argh! What will yer fortune be?


It was a nice and relaxing trip.  Even though it was short, it was well worth the trip!