Fav’s at the DLR

We all have our favorite DLR attractions.  Some of you are lucky enough to have favorite Disney attractions the world over.  Today I’ll cover my favorite local attractions from the Anaheim Disneyland Resort.

  1. Haunted Mansion
  2. Twilight Zone Tower of Terror
  3. Remember… Dreams Come True
  4. Pirates of the Caribbean
  5. Space Mountain
  6. Big Thunder Mountain Railroad
  7. Fantasmic!
  8. California Screamin’
  9. Blue Sky Cellar
  10. California Food and Wine Festival

Probably a less-than-traditional list and not all of my favorite things are rides.  Many might be shocked to see rides such as Splash Mountain, Matterhorn Bobsleds, and Indiana Jones are missing.  But fret not — I do enjoy those rides but this is a list of my top 10 and compared to this list, those just don’t do “it” for me.  These attractions — I back ’em!

Feel free to comment and let me know what your favorite attractions are!