Haunted Mansion: Disneyland vs. Walt Disney World

Walt Disney World








In my opinion, Disneyland’s Mansion has the better exterior.  I much prefer the southern style Mansion which fits perfectly in its New Orleans surroundings than the New York style Mansion at Walt Disney World.

But overall, WDW has the better Mansion.  Ten years ago, I would have gone with Disneyland, but thanks to some recent updates at Walt Disney World, they are the winner.  At WDW, there are new audio effects, an updated sound system, new scenes, more scenes, better special effects, a new interactive queue (which I have not seen yet), and they now have new hitchhiking ghosts effects. (Which I have also not seen.)  But as of December of 2010 (My last trip to WDW), the better Mansion lies in Liberty Square at the Magic Kingdom of Walt Disney World.

Which do you prefer?



Here are a couple videos and pictures of WDW’s Haunted Mansion’s new queue and hitchhiking ghosts.  Thanks to Inside the Magic for these great videos and Express Monorail for the incredible picture of the new hitchhiking ghosts animatronics.

Beware of them!


The Interactive Queue

The New Hitchhiking Ghosts