Hidden Walt?

Over at Disney California Adventure, walls are up around the construction of Carthay Circle Theatre.

The Theatre is Coming!

As you can see above, Disney is very creative with their construction walls.    Here we see an ad for “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” premiering at the Theatre.  But look at what else is on these construction walls:

Trolly Time

This wall has a trolly car with passengers aboard.  Now when I looked at this painting something struck me instantly.  The guy in the back of the car, wearing the hat, looks familiar.  I then realized it was Walt himself!  I had remembered a picture I had once seen of Walt with his camera taken in the 1920s.

source: http://home.comcast.net/~flickhead/Disney.html

So what do you think?  Is that Walt riding the trolly car in DCA?  If so, are the other people in the car anyone of importance?