How Do You Prepare for a Trip to the Magic Kingdom?

Every couple of weeks-or-so, my financé and I, with a few friends, head out to the parks.  It has become so routine that we hardly think about it.  However, there are a few items we NEVER leave home without.  Here’s my list of things I either never or rarely forget to leave home without.

  1. Camera — I love taking pictures at the park, no matter what camera I have.  I have 3 that I go between but for the most part I never leave home with out my Nikon D90 and usually it’s with my 18-55mm lens.  Sometimes I’ll opt for the 70-200mm but it makes for a bad lens when you want to take pictures with characters or you see a celebrity up close and you want to grab a quick shot. Either way, iPhoto beware… I will be loading you up in just a few hours.  You have been warned. 
  2. Sunglasses — unless it’s night-time, I know that Suzi will be there to hold my sunglasses once night falls so I bring them just in case.  I usually don’t do much more than put them on top of my head but when the sun hits you just right on a late afternoon when taking off on California Screamin’, I am always glad to have them there!
  3. Cell Phone — most people don’t leave home without it.  But many times, I find myself emptying my pockets of non-essentials at the car and while for the most part you’ll be with your party, every now-and-then you separate and it’s just essential for communication.  Also, some things you don’t want to forget to tweet about before you leave the parks!

And here’s a short list of things you might consider not leaving home without (meaning, I usually always forget these items but it doesn’t mean you should):

  1. Tradeable Pins — You know that Stitch pin you got one time and you never understood why?  Or your friend thought a Tinkerbell pin on a birthday card would be right up your alley?  Me, too!  Grab that little guy as you walk out the door.  Chances are you will find a cast member that has an awesome TOT or HM pin!
  2. Sun Screen — The best part about getting married is not having to remember these small things.  Hopefully I won’t regret always forgetting this item later in life because my fiancé Suzi never forgets it.  And lucky for me because unfortunately, like the Prince of Wales, I, too, have more and more space atop my head to protect.
  3. Weather Report — I cannot tell you how many hooded sweaters I have bought in Adventure Land!  I never check the weather but, again, Suzi never forgets to ask me to check it (re-read that sentence.)  And I thank her for it because while I find it a great inconvenience to change out of the shorts I was wearing all day, I appreciate the extra $50 I have at the end of the day to get a tank of gas on the way home!

What are your essential items you never forget?  I wish an autograph book was on my list but I have one in my car at all times and still never remember to bring it. Perhaps a blackout days calendar for those non-premium pass holders?  Let us know — I just might back it!