If The Shoe Fits Play It

In 1965 Parker Brothers and the Walt Disney Company teamed up to produce a lovely board game adaptation of the classic Disney animated film Cinderella. Recommended for children 5 to 10, but still enjoyed by bloggers of a more sophisticated age, the game allows 2 and upwards of 4 players to compete for the role of Cinderella.  The first player to navigate the game board, successfully fit the glass slipper, and reach the castle is declared Cinderella and the winner of the game.

Like many Disney board games of the time, the Cinderella Game uses cards to propel players throughout game play.  These cards, known as Cinderella cards, feature iconic characters and locations signature to the film, like Gus, Drisella, and the Clock Tower.  Each of these cards contains specific instructions for moving players either forward or backward on the game board. Once players reach the end of Cinderella’s journey they are forced to draw one of five colored slipper cards in hopes of matching that card with the corresponding color of their playing piece.  If a match is made, the player with the match has won the game, and if not, the player is forced to move back several spaces to an illustrated pumpkin where they must try again.

The game requires no strategy whatsoever, but is still fun to play for kids and grownups alike because of the wonderful and retro 60’s artwork printed on the board, the box, and Cinderella cards.  Overall this game is a must have for Cinderella fans, and find it while you can, because this edition with original art is becoming more and more scarce.

-David Brown
Contributing Writer