Paul Frees: Happy Birthday!

The Man of a Thousand Voices, Paul Frees, would have been 91 today.  Disneyland would not be as great as it is today without his incredible and unique vocal characterizations.  Let’s take a look at some of the incredible characters he has voiced:

The Haunted Mansion:
Paul is the voice of our Ghost Host in the Haunted Mansion.  His rich and ominous sound echos through the halls of the Mansion and it is what I consider to be the greatest single voice over performance in Disneyland.

Welcome Foolish Mortals!

Pirates of the Caribbean:
Paul is the voice of many Pirates including the Auctioneer, the Pirate with the Cats, and one of the imprisoned mates.  Of course, he used to be the voice of the Pooped Pirate and the Captain of the Wicked Wench before they changed the ride.

Shift Yer Cargo, Dearie...

Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln:
Paul is also our narrator for the Lincoln attraction.  He does an incredible job setting up the story of our greatest president in American history.

From the skills of the sculptor and the talent of the artists...

Adventure Thru Inner Space:
An attraction that is no longer with us, but lies in the memory of anyone who experienced it.  Paul was our host on this journey through the atoms of a snowflake.  It was a wonderful voice over performance full of wonder and excitement.  Oh how I wish I could have experienced this attraction.

Can I possibly survive?

Happy 91st Birthday to the greatest: Paul Frees!

The Man of a Thousand Voices