Snow White Walk Through

When an attraction breaks down it can be a total bummer, especially if you’ve been waiting in line for a ride like Peter Pan or Roger Rabbit, but sometimes it can be the coolest thing ever, like when you find cash in your jeans after doing laundry.  I have always dreamed of being on a ride like Splash Mountain when it breaks down, where the lights would magically turn on revealing the dusty miniature details of imagineering genius, and I would be escorted through Disney’s painted visualization of Joel Chandler Harris’s impossible read.  A nerd can dream can’t he?

If anyone goes to the Magic Kingdom enough a ride breakdown is inevitable, so it is with great pleasure that I present to you a walk through of Snow White’s Scary Adventures.  The best part about the ride breakdown experience was that one of the carts was blocking the exit.  I welcomed this unwanted obstacle and while people climbed and squeeze through, I relished the opportunity to be an honorary dwarf for a day. It’s no Splash Mountain, but then again there’s always next time.