Something New in the Star Trader!

On our last visit to Disneyland, we noticed that we could peek inside the Star Trader which is getting a new make-over for the opening of Star Tours.  What we saw inside was so cool.  It makes me that much more excited for the new Star Tours.

Now Boarding!

Look what’s above the Star Trader!  The area where we used to see the Peoplemover go by is now a Star Tours queue for aliens and other Star Wars characters.  It’s really just a scrolling sheet with outlines of the characters, but it is such a great and simple touch.  Details like this really sell the story.  We believe that those aliens are on their way to a distant planet guided by Star Tours.

Now look at the top of the photo…  Do you see anything familiar?  Why it’s the X-Wing that has been hidden in the Starcade for so many years!  It has now returned to the Star Trader!  Here is a photo of the X-Wing in its previous Starcade home:


Star Tours opens June 3, 2011!