This Is Just Incredible

I love park maps.  During the 50th and even a few years after, there was a influx of great park maps.  I would always eagerly await and collect these new maps as they came out.  Then they did the “Year of a Million Dreams” promotion and the park maps took a turn for the worse.  And there’s nothing terribly wrong with them but they almost never change and when they do, none of the designs are as good or creative as they were during the “Happiest Homecoming” celebration.

Then we have these classic park maps.  These are maps of a park that many of us Disneyland bloggers never got to see.  Sure, there are pictures and even old film strips from those early years but these hand-drawn park maps have a level of detail and care that you just don’t see anymore.

I could look at this all day — and I probably will.  But I thought I would share this park map from 1962 posted by Flickr user Wishbook who has a ton of other great park maps.  Check him out!

1962 Park Map
1962 Park Map

CLICK HERE to see a high-res version of the park map and download it as well!