Top Five Pirates

Being a huge Disneyland fan, I love making lists of my favorite things at the park.  The following is the list of my top five favorite Pirates from my favorite attraction “Pirates of the Caribbean”.

5. The Pirate with the Hairy Leg

A Pirates Life For Me!


4. The Pirate Over the Bridge

Six Bottles of Rum!


3. The Pirate on the Canon

Yo Ho!


2. The Talking Skull

It Be Too Late to Alter Course Mateys!


1. The Auctioneer

It Be Gold I'm After!


This is the list of my favorite pirates as they currently appear.  If we were talking about the original version of the attraction, it would be a totally different list.  My favorite would be the guy sitting on the barrels in the arsenal scene followed closely by the Pooped Pirate.

My All Time Favorite Pirate!


The Original Pooped Pirate


So these are my favorite Pirates from “Pirates of the Caribbean”.  Which pirate is your favorite?

And once again, a special thanks to Daveland for use of their pictures!