Top Ten Most Magical Disneyland Moments

These are ten things at the Disneyland Resort that make me feel like a kid again and marvel at the magic of Disney.

10.  Off to Neverland – Even though the line for Peter Pan’s Flight is usually terribly long, there is one moment that everyone needs to experience.  Inside the attraction, our flying pirate ships fly over London.  It is one of the best uses of miniatures I have ever seen.

9.  A Whale of a Whale – Storybookland Canal Boats…  It begins in such a unique way that everyone should experience.  You board a boat and soon after you are swallowed by Monstro the Whale!

8.  Primeval World – A lot of people forget that there are dinosaurs at Disneyland.  Ride the Disneyland Railroad from Tomorrowland to Main Street and you will visit the Grand Canyon and fantastic Primeval World.  The scene has been basically untouched since it was introduced more than 40 years ago.  It is a really special Disneyland moment.

7.  Hell Bound – One of the most unique, creative, and unexpected scenes Disney has ever created for an attraction is in Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride.  The attractionends with us going to hell.  The heat is turned up and tiny devils welcome us to our everlasting afterlife.

6. Pound ’em Lads! – One of the recent additions in Pirates of the Caribbean that I love are the cannonball effects.  The giant splashes and air cannons really make the scene intense and thrilling.  One could really believe that cannonballs are flying overhead!

5.  The Smells of Disneyland – The sense of smell is perhaps the strongest of the five senses and there is no better place to exercise a person’s smelling ability than Disneyland.  Some of the classic Disneyland smells are fresh churros, the musty water in Pirates of the Caribbean, and the unique odor in the Haunted Mansion foyer.

4.  The Sounds of Disneyland – There are several sounds that stand out as magical moments for me.  The Mark Twain Riverboat’s whistle, the sounds of Main Street vehicles, and the Disneyland Railroad’s whistle are just the beginning of how audio makes your trip to Disneyland authentic and memorable.

3.  Leaving the World of Today – Walking underneath the Disneyland Railroad and entering Main Street is something magical.  You have literally left the real world behind and entered a true Magic Kingdom.

2.  Tinkerbell’s Flight – Fireworks are fun to watch, but adding a live Tinkerbell performer in flight makes it really special.  It is so thrilling and exciting to see Tink fly from the majestic Matterhorn over Sleeping Beauty’s Castle.

1.  Fantasmic’s Fire-Breathing Dragon – Sure Murphy had his technical problems, but when the gargantuan animatronic is working properly and he spews his fire, it is the most magical and awe-inspiring moment in all of Disneyland.