Tower of Terror: Disneyland vs. Walt Disney World

The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror is one of the premiere rides at Disneyland and Walt Disney World.  It is a marvel in engineering, detail, and overall imagineering.  But which Tower is better?  Let’s take a look…

Disneyland Resort
Walt Disney World













The Tower in Florida is more ominous and full of detail.  It is 199 feet compared to DCA’s 183.  But what adds to the overwhelming structure is that it is built on a hill as well.

The queue in Florida is perhaps the best I have ever experienced.  You enter an overgrown garden that winds its way to the Hotel lobby.  In DCA, we do not get this.  Most of the outer queue in DCA is in a little section on the side of the Tower where you go back and forth.

DCA's Outdoor Queue


WDW's Winding Garden Queue













The lobby is better in Florida as well.  The spider webs look more authentic and there are a few more things to see like a concierge desk.  The detail that I love in DCA’s lobby is the little doll on the couch.  It is very creepy and a great addition.

Notice the Doll in DCA's Lobby
WDW's Lobby













Then comes the library.  I think DCA has the better library.  Visually, they look nearly identical, but DCA has the better audio quality.

DCA's Library
Artifacts in WDW's Library













The Boiler Room is up next.  Walt Disney World’s boiler room is amazing.  It is very dark, eerie, and realistic.  The noises coming from the generators also add to the authenticity.  The DCA boiler room is unique as it has two levels, running water dripping from the pipes, and the chalk door outline leading into another dimension!  But I gotta go with Florida’s boiler room.

The Door to Another Dimension in DCA's Boiler Room
Detail in WDW's Boiler Room













Then comes the ride itself and without a doubt, Walt Disney World has the better ride.  I’m not going to explain in detail what is on the ride as I don’t want to spoil it for the people that have never been, but it is perfect.  Not only does it thrill and scare you with its faster than gravity drops, but the overall feeling is that you really are entering the Twilight Zone and being haunted by these ghostly inhabitants of the hotel.  Again, what DCA has over Florida’s is the better audio quality.

Take a Terrifying Ride into Another Dimension!


So while DCA’s Tower is great and one of my favorite rides at the Disneyland Resort, it just doesn’t compare to the original.  Walt Disney World’s Twilight Zone Tower of Terror is perhaps the greatest single ride ever created.

Which one do you prefer?


Editor’s Note:

And once again, a big thank you to Daveland for use of their pictures!