Trip Report – 5/22/11

When we entered Disneyland around 2pm, there were two ducks that seemed to be greeting guests just past the Disneyland Railroad tunnel.  They were very cute and they were greeting people is such a professional manner that several people thought they were fake!

A Quacking Welcome

The first ride on today’s trip to Disneyland was Pirates of the Caribbean.  There were a couple new things in the attraction to promote the fourth “Pirates” film.  The projection of Davy Jones is now gone and replaced with that of Blackbeard.  It’s a nice effect, but it doesn’t belong in Pirates of the Caribbean, in my opinion (Robert’s).  It’s strange to see a floating head of a live actor in this great attraction filed with some of the best audio animatronics ever created.  It also doesn’t really make sense why Blackbeard’s head is floating in a waterfall.  It made sense with Davy Jones because he lived in the water.  They also replaced Jones’ dialogue at the end of the attraction with Blackbeard’s.  I prefer Ian McShane’s voice over Bill Nighy, but again, I would prefer to have the original ending.  I would just like to hear that wonderful Blue Bayou music without any interruptions.  A problem with McShane’s voice is that it doesn’t project very well.  It is very deep and low so it is difficult to hear.  Besides those new things, the ride looked great.  Also, there was a lot of fog in the cannonball scene this time.  I love when that happens.

The Greatest Ride Ever?

Next we took a bobsled ride down the icy slopes of the majestic Matterhorn.  Even though the ride can be a bit rough on one’s body at times, I still love it.  The look of the mountain and its abominable inhabitant is pure classic Disney.  There was one part of the ride where I looked over and saw a pile of at least 5 hats that have fallen off.  That was pretty funny.

The Swiss Mountain

A friend then had fast passes for Space Mountain so that was our next stop.  Space Mountain was intense, but fun!  A roller coaster in the dark is really horrifying, but it’s so great.  It’s one of the best.

Towering Above Tomorrowland

We then visited our fine feathered friends in Walt Disney’s Enchanted Tiki Room.  We sat in the back and while it was great, there were parts that were difficult to hear.  It seemed that the four main birds were loud enough, but the chorus was very soft.  I think the speakers just weren’t working in our section.  But even with the audio issue, the attraction was wonderful.  I like how 1960s it looks.  I hope it never changes and I hope that the new version coming to Walt Disney World will look as nice as this one.

Some Tiki Friends

Then came the Haunted Mansion.  Again it looked and sounded great.  Madame Leota was once again stationary.  Yesterday marked the 6th year anniversary of the death of Thurl Ravenscroft.  Thurl is the lead singing bust in the graveyard scene.  I gave an extra long look at him that trip.  He really was a great singer, actor, and voice!  He is missed.

The Haunted Mansion

After the Mansion, we went over to Indiana Jones Adventure to use our fastpasses we had for that ride.  Unfortunately, it was closed when we got there.  Indiana Jones really closes down more than any other ride in the park.  They need to get that fixed.

Since Indy was down, we decided it was time to head over to Disney California Adventure.  Our first stop: The Twlight Zone Tower of Terror.  I noticed that the lighting looked different in the boiler room.  There is usually a bright blue light on the wall where the chalk outlined door is, but it was not on this time.  Overall the boiler room just looked a bit darker than usual.  The ride was great, but we were on with some annoying teenagers that yelled and screamed through the entire run.  Why they don’t listen to the story and try to imagine themselves in this haunted hotel, I don’t know…  Even  with the annoying kids, the ride is still incredible.

The Maintenance Service Elevator

Last, but not least, we headed over to World of Color.  We wanted to see the show since it had new Little Mermaid scenes and Pirates scenes promoting the fourth film.  The show was good and the new stuff looked great, but overall, I think I prefer the original show.  The new Pirates stuff was neat, but they cut out almost the entire villain section, which I love.  Oh well…  I’m sure it will be back one day.

World of Color!
Blackbeard in WOC
WOC promoting the 4th Pirates film

After the show, we walked by the new Little Mermaid attraction and wished we were on it.  It looks amazing from the outside.  Well, only one more week and we will go under the sea with Ariel and all her friends.

Almost Open!