Trip Report: July 17, 2011

July 17, 2011 marks the 56th birthday of the happiest place on Earth: Disneyland!  I had to be there!

Unfortunately, there seemed to be a lack of celebration for the park’s birthday.  The only thing that gave a hint that the park was celebrating an anniversary were the buttons Cast Members were wearing.  I did hear that earlier in the day there was a little event involving nearly all the park’s walk around characters!

July 17, 2011 also marks the first time we enter Disney California Adventure through the new Pan Pacific turnstiles!  It really looks beautiful and even better at night!  I’m so happy with it.

During the Day


At Night


The first thing we decided to do was Goofy’s Sky School, but it was closed unfortunately.  We had asked a Cast Member why the ride was closed and if he knew when it would reopen.  He gave the most robotic and rehearsed response we have ever heard.  It was kind of funny.

So instead, we went to the Paradise Garden area of DCA and enjoyed some pizza and pasta.  As I said in the last trip report, the area is so wonderful.  It is such a welcomed addition to DCA.  And the food was pretty delicious too.  I like that flat bread pizza much more than Disneyland’s Pizza Port.

Pizza & Pasta!


Pepperoni Pizza


After dinner, we headed over to the Magic Kingdom.  We decided to see the Magic, Memories, and You presentation displayed on the facade of it’s a small world.  We had yet to see the show and it was quite enjoyable.  The projections on the small world facade were top notch and looked wonderful.  I just wish that they displayed images of Disneyland rather than people’s home movies and pictures.  I don’t quite understand why people would want to see someone else’s home movies.  Even so, the show was fun and it even had a fireworks finale!

Projections on the Facade


Then it was time to see the new fireworks show for the summer: Magical.  While nothing can compete with the 50th anniversary fireworks show, Magical was still really good.  It did a great job interweaving different Disney tales and the appearances of Tinker Bell and Dumbo flying over Sleeping Beauty Castle were breathtaking.  I got so emotional when Dumbo was flying over the Kingdom.  It was one of the best Disney moments I had ever experienced.

Fireworks over the Castle


It's Dumbo, the Flying Elephant!!!!


It was then time for Pirates of the Caribbean and it was quite the experience.  While in line, a highly intoxicated girl started to chat us up.  She decided that we were all best friends and she insisted that we ride with her.  I was a little upset because I wanted to enjoy the ride and not have her babbling throughout.  My Girlfriend, Inthia was seated right next to her.  The Drunk Girl talked on and on about hidden mickeys and how her sister was eating at Club 33 and spending a “million-bajillion” dollars.  On the drops, the girl held tightly onto Inthia’s arm and basically hugged her throughout the ride.  She also kept insisted on getting pictures with Inthia.  She was very annoying, but it was a good story worth telling.  At the end of the ride, she just ran off like she had never met us before.  She was a very strange girl.  Even with the intoxicated girl, the ride was great.  The guy in the middle waiting to be dunked is still missing.  Everything else looked as good as can be.

Inthia and Her New Best Friend


Mark Well Me Words Mateys...


We then went over to the Haunted Mansion hoping we would not run into that girl again.  Thankfully, we didn’t see her.  The ride was great as always.  Everything seemed to be working well and I didn’t see any changes from the previous visit.  And Madame Leota was still floating.

Grim Grinning Ghosts Come Out To Socialize!


The night ended with a trip on the Disneyland Railroad through the Grand Canyon and Primeval World.  The train is one of my favorite things to do at Disneyland and it is the perfect way to end the night.  We caught the train in New Orleans Square and sat in the back.  I love the Grand Canyon and Primeval World.  I love the amount of detail and the wonderful backdrop painting.  It is one of those timeless things that does not seem to change with time.  On this particular trip, the T-Rex vs. Stegasaurs scene was covered up for a refurbishment.  It was really strange to see all the great dinosaurs and not have that incredible finale.  Oh well…  As long as I get some dinosaurs, I’m happy.

The Grand Canyon


Primeval World


The train made its way to Main Street where we departed and exited the Magic Kingdom.  It was a fine birthday for the park, even if it was low key.  Happy Birthday Disneyland!  I can’t wait to visit you for many more years to come!

Enjoy some more photos from our trip: