Trip Report: July 27, 2011 & Club 33!

We made an unusual weekday trip to Disneyland on Wednesday for a special occasion.  A friend of ours is moving to England and we had a going away party at Club 33!  What could be a better send off?


When we got to the park, we realized we had time for one ride on this very busy day.  So we waited 20 minutes for the World Famous Jungle Cruise!  It was a great ride through the rivers of adventure.  A while ago, I posted a video about how Disney airlifted the elephant’s mother in law out of the park.  Well she is still on her extended leave unfortunately.  I will have to give her a big hello when she comes home.

The Elephant


And His Missing Mother in Law!


After the Jungle Cruise, we headed to Club 33.  It was incredible.  I am not going to go into detail about Club 33 right now as we are still working on our original Club 33 review.  This trip’s visit to the Club will be included in that post as well.  Look for it soon!

Club 33!


After the Club, we went over to the Haunted Mansion.  It was another amazing ride and everything looked great.  Madame Leota was floating again.  I’m glad she seems to be doing that more often these days.  I did notice that a couple of the singing busts in the graveyard scene were out of sync.  I hope Disney realizes this soon and fixes it.  It’s really upsetting when that happens.  But even with the out of sync Mellowmen, the Haunted Mansion is still the best.

The Haunted Mansion


We then headed over to DCA and the first thing I noticed is that the Golden Gate Bridge is gone!  Take a look below:

Gone and soon to be rethemed!


Then we got in line for Soarin’ Over California.  It has been a couple of years since I have been on Soarin’.  Now don’t get me wrong.  I love the ride.  I just can’t stand the Soarin’ queue.  There is not much to it and it lasts forever.  This time I had to do it though since we were with people that don’t go very often.  So I waited 60 minutes to get in my hang glider.  It was a great ride that is very magical.  I love so many things about it from the corny preshow video with our chief flight attendant, Patrick Warburton to the smell of orange groves in the California country side.  The only problem I have with the ride is a personal issue where I get a bit dizzy in the Downtown Los Angeles section.  Other than that, it is one of Disney’s best!

Soarin' Over California!


Nice Work, Pal!


Then we went over to the Little Mermaid: Ariel’s Undersea Adventure.  It was a great ride once again.  It did stop a few times on this particular trip, most likely to accomidate handicapped people.  Other than that, everything seemed the same and I loved it.

Under the Sea


We then walked through A Bug’s Land to make our way to the Hollywood Tower Hotel or as it’s more commonly known: The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror.  We went with a couple of people who had never experienced the ride before and they ended up loving it.  I love seeing my favorite attractions through new eyeballs.  The mirror ghost effect wasn’t working this time.  Instead of our reflected bodies turning into ghosts, a blue blob just appeared.  Even when that effect isn’t working, it still is an amazing attraction.

A Beacon for the Show Business Elite.


We then headed over to Disneyland and while walking on Main Street, I saw Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum.  It was great seeing them as it’s rare when I do.  I love seeing minor characters from Disney animated features.  There is something really special about it.

Dee Dum


We then rode one final attraction, which also happens to be my favorite.  If you have been reading our trip reports, then you won’t be surprised to hear that the attraction I am talking about is Pirates of the Caribbean.  When we arrived to New Orleans Square, the ride had just closed.  We saw security escorting someone out of the attraction in a wheel chair, so I assume someone fell.  We waited for about a half hour for Pirates to reopen and when it finally did, I was ecstatic!  I ran to the entrance like a little boy running down the stairs on Christmas morning.  We ended up getting the first row, which I always love.  The guy waiting to be dunked is still missing and I also noticed something else on this trip.  In the burning city scene, there is a singing trio with a dog.  Well the guy all the way to the right usually has a bushy goatee, but it looks like he had a shave.  He only had a little patch of beard under his chin.  No mustache at all!  I know I’m crazy writing about animatronic facial hair, but that is why I love Pirates and Disneyland.  It’s all about the details!

Yo Ho


This is the fella before his shave.


After Pirates, we caught the climax of Fantasmic! and saw the amazing Dragon scene.  That is really one of the best things Disney has ever done.  I get chills when that Dragon comes out!

It's Fire Breathing!


Then we made our way to the Mickey & Friends Tram and Disneyland was soon behind us.  We will be back soon!

And now enjoy some more photos from our trip: