Trip Report: June 26, 2011

Dusk was upon us on a Sunday in June.  Disneyland of course was in store!

When we got to the park, we decided to enter in a unique way.  We took the Monorail at the end of Downtown Disney!  I love taking the Monorail into the park.  It’s a nice way to avoid lines of people, plus you get a great trip out of it!  I love gliding above Tomorrowland and looking at the abandoned tracks of where the People Mover once traveled.

Here Comes the Monorail!
How I wish these were in use.

Taking the Monorail was really just for fun since we decided to go to DCA after arriving to Disneyland.  We went to the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror and boy was it a great ride.  The first scene, when your elevator is backing up, seemed to be freshly painted.  The door looked great with its drybrush technique of Black Light paint.  Also there seemed to be a lot more Black Light paint for the starfield effect on the doors.  Of course the little LED lights were still there as well.  The rest of the ride was just as great as it always is.


After the Tower, we made our way to Heimlich’s Chew Chew Train.  It’s the funniest Disney ride I have ever been on.  It is so short and simple that it makes it hilarious!  For some reason, I really love it though.  From the dripping watermelon to the smell of animal crackers, the Chew Chew Train is very memorable.

The Chew Chew Train!
A Dripping Wet and Delicious Watermelon!

We then went to see if Goofy’s Sky School was doing a soft opening, but it wasn’t unfortunately.  It looked like there was a vehicle on the tracks that was stuck and a family was being evacuated.  That’s too bad.  I haven’t been on Goofy’s Sky School yet, but I have been reading negative reviews of the ride.  I don’t really understand why though.  What do people expect?  It’s the same exact ride as Mullhullond Madness except they put Goofy billboards up instead.  I’m sure it’s a fun little ride and I don’t think it hurts the atmosphere for Paradise Pier at all.  I think it looks nice.

Goofy's Sky School!

It was now time for Disneyland and our first stop was the Disney Gallery.  We noticed that they changed the little room that was filled with Pirates and Haunted Mansion artwork.  It now has drawings of different Disney characters which are for sale.  I was a little upset with that as I loved the artwork that was in there previously.  They also put a sign in the Mary Blair exhibit explaining what it was all about.  Unfortunately, the put the sign where all those pictures of Walt and Mary were.

Inside the Disney Gallery

After the Gallery, we were hungry so we made a stop at the Bengal Barbeque.  It was delicious.  I love the chicken skewers with the green onion!

Chicken Skewer for me!

Then came a ride on Pirates of the Caribbean.  It was pretty much the same as the last visit.  The middle guy waiting to be dunked in the well is still missing.  One odd thing that happened on this trip was that the boats were all the way backed up to the “Pooped Pirate” scene.  I had never seen it backed up that far.  I thought that the ride was going to break down and we would be evacuated.  But our boats slowly moved along through the burning city and me made our way up the waterfall.

The backed up boats helped us take this wonderful picture.

We went on The Haunted Mansion after that and as we were walking up, I could already hear the Ghost Host’s narration from outside.  I hate going in once the Ghost Host has started his dialogue, so we stayed behind and waited for the next show.  I don’t like it when the Cast Members force you inside when the narration has already started.  That’s like missing a good portion of the ride.  People don’t understand that, but if you’re a Disney nerd like me, you will get it.  The ride ended up being great.  Everything looked good and we got the tall skinny guy (Ezra) as our ghost to take home.  Also I had noticed in the last few visits that an owl had been missing on a branch in the graveyard.  For the longest time, only one owl was on the branch and I had sworn that there were supposed to be two.  Well, the second bird is back and guess what?  He has real feathers on him!  It looked kind of funny like he was molting though, especially because the other owl doesn’t have authentic looking feathers.  It’s still good to see those “love birds” are back and hooting away though.

A Big Old Mansion

We ended the night with a trip on The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh.  It is such a fun and enjoyable ride.  Of course, I always have to give a nice wink to the Buffalo and Moose from the Country Bears.

The Rain, Rain, Rain Came Down, Down, Down.

Here are a few pictures we took while walking around the parks:

The Majestic Matterhorn
The sun pierces its way through the Matterhorn.
Roses for your loved one?
So Tasty!
Goofy's Fastpass Machines
Tower Queue
New Cars Themed Paintings in the Gallery
Painting in New Orleans
A Stretching Room
Hitchhiking Ghosts
The Columbia
The Mark Twain