45 Years of Pirates of the Caribbean

It is perhaps the single greatest attraction ever created in the history of theme parks and it’s celebrating it’s 45th anniversary this Sunday.

On March 18, 1967, the world was treated to the most advanced and remarkable attraction in the world: Pirates of the Caribbean.  The amount of detail and use of animatronic technology is unsurpassed.

Today, we celebrate the anniversary with a wonderful video posted by the Disney Parks Blog showing the different Pirate attractions throughout the world.

Here are some pictures of the classic attraction as well.

Pirates from May 1967


The Blue Bayou


Ye Come Seekin' Adventure


Drink Up!


Captain's Quarters


Fire at Will!


Where Be The Treasure?


We Wants the Redhead!


Who Makes it Six?


I Be Willin' to Share, I Be!


The Singing Trio


Setting the Place on Fire!


Sleeping with Pigs


The Hairy Leg!


Here ye be Spot!


Cannon Fun!

And a special thanks to Daveland for use of their pictures!