Disneyana: Shag

Adding to our list of Disneyana here at Remain Seated Please, I wanted to share this piece my wife and I just got from Disneyland.  Online, it looks like this piece is pretty old but I absolutely love it!

Our Shag as it appears in our home!

This piece shows Shag’s take on New Orleans Square.  It depicts a family between Pirates and Mansion with the father taking a photo.  This picture, minus the kid, basically is my wife and I at the parks!  I love Shag’s 60s style, I love that it has a 60s take on the Mansion, and I love how the characters look so enamored with the park.  I can only hope my kid is as cool as this one some day.

Do you have a favorite Shag piece?  Let us know in the comments below!