Fantasmic! Glow With the Show – REVIEW! Pt. 1

Wow — just wow.  This show’s dramatic soundtrack mixed with the Glow With the Show ears is mind-blowing.

We got to the park, checked in, and got a spot along the Rivers of America by 8:15 pm.  The park was delightfully empty for a summer evening and we landed an incredible spot front and center.  Thinking back on it now, I suppose we got there pretty early but considering the check-in started at noon and I am not typically off work until 7, I figured we would get a good spot near the back which would offer an incredible perspective of the Glow With the Show experience.

Anyway, we took turns leaving the spot to run some errands — picking up Halloween stuff for our new home, replacing some defective first-run GWTS ears (the first batch were rushed and are inherently defective.  You can get a voucher to replace them from City Hall and take it to any GWTS ear outlet for a replacement — FREE!*), and getting some Pumpkin Fritters which are getting justifiable internet buzz.

Pinocchio merchandise voucher!
Pumpkin. Fritters. — Better than you’re imagining if you can believe that.

New ears in-hand, epic spot secured, we were then met with some of TDA’s inhospitable customer service follies: everyone on the Rivers of America were required, when the park closed, to clear the area and reenter to ensure no one was getting into the show that was not an AP that had RSVP’d and wearing a wristband.  Even more ridiculous, I had my wristband checked every time I would leave and reenter the area.  It was severely unorganized and not a single person was ok with the decision.  We even witnessed a cast member forcing someone in a wheelchair to walk up the steps to wait with the rest of the crowd and everyone in the area was utterly confused as to how this made any sense.  I understand the idea of checking wristbands but the person that cleared us out could have, instead, just checked the wristbands one by one.  It was not overly crowded and it did not seem that anyone was outnumbered or overwhelmed.  It seemed like a gross exercise of power and mismanagement.  One may never understand their rationale once something that seemed like a good idea on paper in-turn becomes a terrible idea in practice.  It seems that reason goes out the door and people will only do what they’re told as opposed to stepping back and finding an alternative.  We need, and frankly expect, more improvisation from our TDA leaders with the ability to adapt at a moment’s notice.  Anyway, everyone got back to their original spots so all-in-all it worked out in their favor but my wife said that while she offered her wristband upon reentering the area, not a single cast member checked it or lit it up with a flashlight.

Once back in the area, I was worried about the quality of the show.  While it appeared everyone in the area had their ears out and on, it was not as impressive as the WoC display.  Was the area not large enough?  Had people not brought or bought ears?

While not a bad image, it was not nearly as impressive as one may have expected.

That is, of course, until the show started.  Just — wow.  Everyone had their ears on and synced up with the show.  Every music cue was accented by the GWTS ears and the vocal response from the AP’s solidified, we were a part of something so special.  I’ll follow this review up this weekend with video coverage of the show to hopefully drive the point home that this was an incredible experience and should not be missed!  I can’t help but think GWTS will be added to “Wishes…” this holiday season and how incredible that’s going to look!

Fantasmic! GWTS

* I did not pay for my original ears — they came from the GWTS premiere with World of Color at DCA.  I was never asked for proof of purchase but cannot guarantee everyone’s experience will be the same.