Frankenweenie (1984)

I know I am behind the times but I only just watched the original live-action black and white Tim Burton production of Frankenweenie from 1984 and I absolutely LOVED it!  It’s available on your “Nightmare Before Christmas” DVD, if you own it.

If not, check it out below!  It is seriously one of his best films and really shows his love of monster movies of the 30s and 40s as well as his potential as a blossoming director.  Unfortunately, he was fired from Disney soon after this film in an almost Ed-Wood-ian fashion for wasting the studio’s time and resources.  For a long time, it had only been screened in the UK before “The Neverending Story” as both films starred Barret Oliver.  It was later released in a re-edited and censored form to try to recoup some money most likely.  Then, after being shelved for a long time and Tim Burton’s enormous success, it was released in its original uncensored form with the “Nightmare…” DVD.

After seeing the extended preview now playing at DCA, I can say that the new film seems to stay pretty true to the original down to the tiniest details!  So, if you have not seen this original masterpiece and want to be surprised by the 2012 feature-length remake, I would suggest steering clear.  I cannot confirm that the ending is in any way similar in the 2012 version but I want to give fair warning that this version has an ending that I was very happy with and would be excited to see in a stop-motion remake.

And now, sit back, grab some cocoa and enjoy Frankenweenie (1984):

What did you think of the film?!  Leave your impressions below or, obviously, in the YouTube comments page!  I would have to say that this film has shot up into my top 5 of Burton’s films.