How Many Rides Can You Do in a Day?

I saw an interesting thing on a Disney blog where someone’s comment signature was a running count of the most rides accomplished in a day.  I have never thought to keep track but I now have a mission — to not only meet their record but to smash it.

Have any of you ever counted the number of rides in a day?  I would assume that riding something multiple times would count as a line is a line is a line.  I do, however, consider having a handicap pass to be in another category.

Let’s create a bracket and set the record for most rides ridden in a day as a normal guest, as a guest with a handicap pass, and perhaps as a guest with a plaid cast member.

Rides Accomplished in a Day

How many rides can we get on in a single day at either park? Send us a list of all the rides you rode and how many times you did it. If you were in a handicapped line or with a plaid. Did you have a fastpass?

We will calculate your data for you and keep a running total for each record broken.
AccomplishmentRegular GuestHandicap Pass GuestPlaid Escorted Guest
Regular Lines UsedN/AN/A
Fastpasses UsedN/AN/A
Repeated Rides
Attractions / Shows

Let’s start filling this in.  We obviously have to use the honor system but pictures and stories are encouraged!  I’ll update this as we find out more.  This sounds like it could be fun!

***UPDATE #2:

I think I found a solution to the issue.  Let us know if all makes sense to you.  Happy riding!

***UPDATE #1:

Should we include semi-queue-based attractions such as Lincoln, Tiki Room, Muppets, etc. as they are not “rides” (a word I specifically used in leu of “attractions”)?  Let us know in the comments below.  Thanks!



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