Sneak Preview of the Mansion’s Gingerbread House!

The Disney Parks blog posted a sneak peek at this year’s Haunted Mansion Holiday’s Gingerbread House.  Here is a diagram of how the house will be built.

Such Detail!


Wouldn’t you love to take a bite of that nightmarish treat?  I know I would!

Every year, the Gingerbread house which is featured in the grand ballroom of the Mansion is different.  And besides that, it’s real!  Disneyland bakers create unique masterpieces every year complete with its own animation!

I’m thinking about past Gingerbread houses that have been on display inside the Haunted Mansion.  Who can forget the mini Mansion complete with a set of munching jaws?  Or who can forget the spinning Oogie Boogie themed cake?

Which was your favorite Gingerbread house from the past?