Snow White No More…

Snow White’s Scary Adventures made its last and final run at Walt Disney World yesterday.  It is a very sad day as this was one of the original attractions at the Magic Kingdom when it opened in 1971.

WDW's Exterior


The space that belonged to Snow White’s Scary Adventures will now  become a princess area.  Are people upset about this much like the same way people were upset at Disneyland for changing the Carnation Plaza Gardens to make room for a princess themed area?

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs on a beautiful mural at the WDW version.


And looks who's also on that mural!


But all is not lost, for a new attraction will be opening at the Magic Kingdom based on Walt Disney’s first animated feature.  The Seven Dwarf’s Mine Ride will open sometime next year and I am very excited about it.  It looks like it will be loads of fun with amazing details.

Disney released concept art for the new attraction


And for us West Coast fans, Snow White will continue her scary adventures for  years to come.  But we will always remember the sister attraction that was at Walt Disney World.  While they were similar in most ways, there were differences and in some ways WDW’s version was superior.  Disneyland’s version’s climax has the Old Hag struck by lightning and then you see a wall mural that reads “And they lived happily ever after”.  Kind of anti climactic right?  Well, WDW’s version had a real ending that Disneyland didn’t have enough room for.  In WDW’s version, after the Old Hag is struck by lightning, we see the body of Snow White being kissed by her Prince in order to wake her up.  The very next scene shows the Dwarfs waving goodbye to the Prince and Snow White as they really do live happily ever after.

Awakening the original Sleeping Beauty


And they lived happily ever after!


And here is a great video which was posted on Mousechat of a ride thru of the WDW version with the lights on!


So we want to hear from you.   How do you feel about Walt Disney World closing their version of “Snow White’s Scary Adventures”?  Does it make sense because a new ride based on that film is opening?  After all, Dumbo and Alice in Wonderland have 2 rides each at Disneyland.  Leave your comments below.