The Return of the Matterhorn Bobsleds

After a lengthy refurbishment, the Matterhorn as returned to thrill guests of the Magic Kingdom!

The Mountain is Back!


The biggest change were the bobsleds themselves.  No longer will passengers be able to sit in the lap of a loved one.  Each seat is individual now.  Unfortunately, the single seats are very small.  I’m only 5’10” and I had a hard time being comfortable inside.  With the old bobsleds, I could extend my legs all the way.  But I assume the bobsleds are safer now which is always a good thing.

The All New Bobsleds


Once inside the Mighty Matterhorn, you will notice an updated audio system.  The roar of the abominable snowman is booming now.  It really makes you fear for what you know is coming.  The abominable snowman for the first time really scared me.  I loved it.  Also, since the audio is so loud, we can once again hear the roar throughout Fantasyland and Tomorrowland.  I have always loved hearing that while walking through the park.  When we see the abominable snowman himself, you will notice some lighting changes to really amplify his presence.  He  looks great.

The Abominable Snowman


Now we all know that the Matterhorn was repainted during this refurbishment and it looks amazing.  This is the best I have ever seen the Matterhorn look.  There are wonderful contrasts and details of snow throughout the mountain.

Looks Great!


Now for a blast from the past!  Once again, there are people scaling the mountain!  It is a great sight to see these people swinging down the majestic peak.  To go along with the Matterhorn climbers, there is also a yodeler!  A man stands on the edge of the mountain and yodels while playing an accordion!  At one point, I also saw him blow that giant horn that swiss people do.  RICOLA!

Preparing for their Descent


Can You Find the Yodeler?


How about now?


So while the new bobsleds themselves are a bit of a let down, the attraction looks better than ever.  It is a classic Disney attraction in every sense of the word and it really deserved this lengthy refurbishment.  With the return of the climbers and yodelers, the Matterhorn is really back as the king of the Disneyland Mountain Range!