An Interesting Survey


I was recently sent a follow-up survey for August’s Glow With The Show with Fantasmic! event.  It was super short and I was confused about what the point was until I was put into a live-chat situation.  While near the end I realized that this was being conducted by a 3rd party for Disney, it was still super fun to chat with someone in a very conversational way about Disneyland Parks, Glow With The Show plans, etc.

Here’s what transpired in that chat:

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Brianna: Hi and thank you very much for chatting with me today. I’d like to talk to you about ‘Glow with the Show’ ear hats.
Guest: Sure
Brianna: To get started, what would you say about your experience with your ‘Glow with the Show’ ear hat? What was it like? How did you feel?
Guest: I love the technology of the show and seeing a complete sea of hats is absolutely an incredible sight.
Guest: Another of my favorite features is that the hat turns OFF inside dark rides like Pirates of the Caribbean and The Haunted Mansion
Brianna: 🙂 Tell me more about what makes the technology so appealing for you…
Guest: I wish all glowing items (swords, necklaces, bracelets, toys) had that same technology.
Guest: Seeing all the colors and patterns in sync with the music really plusses the show for me
Brianna: How do you feel during one of these shows?
Guest: Fantasmic! brings the goosebumps for sure. I’ll admit I got a little tear-y eyed with the premiere event and seeing all the hats in sync with the music. I had already seen the effect with the World of Color and didn’t think I would like it any better with Fantasmic! but it really nailed it for me
Brianna: What do you think Fantasmic! did that really ‘nailed it’ for you, if you could pinpoint it?
Brianna: *did differently
Guest: The music lends itself to an epic light display. As an AP, I kind of had expectations for what it might be like and it was that and more. I mean, the show area is so much smaller than the World of Color area so I thought it might be a bust, but it REALLY is incredible because it’s more of a horseshoe shape so seeing the ears near the Golden Horseshoe all the way from near The Haunted Mansion brings a whole other element I hadn’t anticipated. It really distinguishes the show’s setting with the edges of the rivers of america. In a normal show, you’re very much looking forward at the show the whole time, which I suppose is the point. But with the Glow with the Show, it’s like you’re IN the show, so you’re looking there, you’re looking next to you, behind you, left, right, all around you.
Brianna: Thank you sooo much for that detail! 🙂 And what do you like about the hat turning off inside dark rides?
Guest: Let’s be honest, the only thing more annoying than people reciting the Ghost Host’s dialogue in the stretching portrait room are those light-up toys. When I first heard about GWTS, I worried that there would be MORE light pollution and thought to myself, that technology should work both ways — control the timing for shows and extinguish the lights for moments like that. I try to ride the rides as if everyone else in the room is on it for the first time. The effect is lost on Pirates and Mansion (and more) when you see someone’s light saber or necklace blinking all over the place.
Brianna: Understandable! Now, I see that you had some issues with the design of the hat. Tell me more about that…
Guest: Well it reminds me of Glowfest which wasn’t the most elegant. I just am not a huge fan of the black-light coloring style — especially since I don’t know of any current use of blacklights with those hats. It’s just an aesthetics thing. When the technology allows for smaller receivers in the hats, I wouldn’t mind if every hat had the technology. Even if it were in the form of LEDs as opposed to an entire ear lighting up (although that may not be as dramatic for shows)
Brianna: Just to be clear, when you talk about the ‘black-light coloring style’, to which part of the hat are you referring?
Guest: Sorry, the fabric on the “dome” portion of the hat.
Guest: that’s the only part I am not crazy about. I wouldn’t have bought it probably were it not for the tech
Brianna: Got it; thanks 🙂 That said, how would a different design make you feel about the ‘Glow with the Show’ ear hats?
Guest: Like I said, I wouldn’t mind if every hat I have had the technology! I would love more designs for sure! I am not a huge fan of the Mad-T Party but I know people that are and would flock to a limited edition GWTS hat for that event since it utilizes the tech
Guest: Same with a Sorcerer’s Apprentice hat for Fantasmic or a WoC hat
Brianna: That would be cool! And how (if at all) would a different design affect how often you would wear your hat?
Guest: I would probably forget it at home more often. To be honest, I don’t wear hats that often, I just display the ones I love at home (club 33, paris 15th, dland 50th) although I’ll bet if I could get it embroidered, that might make a difference.
Brianna: Tell me more about the difference it would make if you could get it embroidered…
Guest: Well, if I could get it embroidered, it makes the hat more personal which would make me more inclined to wear it. Right now, my hat looks exactly like everyone else’s. If I were to drop it in a crowd, it’d be indistinguishable from anyone else’s.
Brianna: You’ve had some great ideas specific to people’s interests… What other types of designs would you want to see, personally?
Guest: Sorcerer’s Apprentice for Fantasmic! for SURE
Brianna: How about for the dome portion of the hat?
Guest: Keep it standard like the regular sorcer’s apprentice hats which I believe are just black felt. Outside of the ears lighting up, I don’t care that my hat looks like a GWTS hat in the daylight
Guest: I love the idea of any hat being GWTS in the future so there needs to be no real advertising it as such on the ones that are — if that makes any sense
Brianna: It does 🙂 In your opinion, how many different designs should there be?
Brianna: (with the current ears, that is)
Brianna: Sorry, let me rephrase that… how many designs for the dome should there be with the current Glow Ears?
Guest: I think 3. A MTP version, A WoC version, and a Fantasmic! version
Guest: Each themed after their perspective shows. I kind of consider the Genie the mascot of WoC and a Genie themed dome would be neat, I think but not sure that’s indicative of the entire show, really.
Brianna: Ok. And aside from the embroidery, which of these design options would encourage you to own and wear more than one pair of Glow Ears?
Guest: What do you mean? Like if there were a Genie themed one and a Sorcer’s Apprentice themed one, would I buy and wear both?
Brianna: Yes
Guest: ( for example)
Guest: Yes. Those two hats in particular I would buy
Guest: and wear
Guest: and likely give my old ears to a kid somewhere in the park to encourage more participation in the shows
Brianna: 🙂 Now switching gears a bit, have you brought your Glow Ears back to the Disneyland Resort since your experience at the AP Fantasmic! Glow with the Show Premiere on Tuesday, August 28?
Guest: Not that I can remember.
Brianna: Do you think you will take the one you have to the Disneyland Resort again in the future? Please explain why or why not…
Guest: Yes and mainly to participate in the shows. Like I said, they’re not my favorite design and I don’t care to advertise the fact that I have them as much as I care to take part in the shows. However, I might only do it if I planned on seeing one of the shows for sure (dinner plan, bringing guests, etc.) There are times I decide to watch the shows spontaneously but I might at that point think “oh, i should have brought the hat” but not think much beyond that
Brianna: For you personally, does it matter how much participation from other guests is present at the shows? (that is, how many others have the ears also)
Guest: Yes. I saw WoC shortly after the GWTS event and it was kind of a bummer to see it without full participation. It’s SUCH a cool technology I wish people could see that more
Brianna: So for you, would you go ahead and bring your Ears when you planned ahead to attend a show (if you didn’t know how much participation would be there)?
Guest: Correct. If I planned on seeing the shows for sure as a part of my trip, I wouldn’t think twice about it.
Brianna: On that note, you may or may not have attended the New Year’s Eve event at Disneyland Resort. Those wearing their Glow Ears were given ‘2013 clings’ (which are like see-through stickers to put on Glow Ears). What do you think of this special giveaway?
Guest: Oh I missed that!
Guest: I do remember seeing that offered and we thought about going SPECIFICALLY for that giveaway though
Brianna: What kept you from going?
Guest: We went last year, I got off work late, and we had guests in town that couldn’t attend
Brianna: Bummer! (Just wanted to make sure it didn’t have to do with the ears 🙂 Though it seems obvious from our conversation, how do special perks like this affect your likelihood to bring your Glow Ears back to Disneyland Resort?
Guest: In a positive way. I would bring them more and more. For example, if there were a day this year where instead of an extra Disney day, they gave away GWTS ears to regular park guests, I might try to get down just for that day to participate. Or giveaways for previous owners, etc. for sure
Brianna: And you may or may not have experienced special viewing areas for those with Glow Ears during the 12/20/12—1/6/13 Fantasmic!, fireworks, and World of Color shows/events at Disneyland Resort. Those wearing their Glow Ears were given access to a special viewing section closer to the action. What do you think of this?
Guest: I am super bummed I hadn’t hear about this. I had quite the holiday work load this year. 🙁 WDW, while amazing, really packed the back half of my year!
Guest: I think it’s incredible!
Guest: It goes with what I said earlier, there’s something incredible seeing the stark darkness of the rivers of america enhanced by the glowing of the ears on the shore. It really outlines the show-space
Brianna: And what do you think about guests with Glow Ears receiving this kind of privilege?
Guest: I think it’s incredible and a terrific idea. Although those without them may not like it so much (ie the people that camp out at 3pm (me and my family in ’93)
Brianna: True 🙂 Now, how would you describe ‘Glow with the Show’ ear hats to a friend or family member?
Guest: oof….
Guest: Depends on how technical they are but I would say that they’re special mouse ears that are controlled by the show and blink on and off with the music and SFX in patterns and colors. All you do is sit back and enjoy and the ears do the work for you. To someone more technical, I might describe how they work which I have tried but I can’t nail it down. I refuse to believe it’s as simple as IR
Brianna: Thanks! Now, this is how Disneyland Resort describes them: ‘Glow with the Show’ ear hats are Mickey ears that interact at various points at the Disneyland Resort. At Disneyland Park, Glow Ears interact with Fantasmic!. At Disney California Adventure Park, Glow Ears interact with World of Color and Mad T Party. They also interact in Cars Land at the Cozy Cone Motel, Flo’s V8 Café, and Luigi’s Flying Tires.
Brianna: Talk to me about these interaction points. What do you think about them? Do you like them? Why or why not?
Guest: Cars Land has always been a cool implementation of it but there’s not much that actually “happens” there other than the neon coming to life at dusk. Other than that it’s more elemental and environmental there. So while a cool feature, probably not AS noteworthy although I knew it was a part of it. I would say that Cars Land is a template for other lands to follow suit but in the grand scheme of things, less important. For musically interactivity like MTP, WoC, and Fantasmic!, it’s a no-brainer. I actually remember saying “I can’t wait until this gets implemented with ‘Remember, Dreams Come True!'” so I am among those ready for more and more implementations around the parks
Guest: And while at WDW, I couldn’t stop telling the interested cast members how cool it was if only it had more guest interaction, but the AP events were out of this world
Brianna: 🙂 And just to clarify, were you aware of ALL these interaction points mentioned?
Guest: Not Flo’s or Luigi’s but yes at Cozy Cone et al
Brianna: How interested are you in seeing what happens at Flo’s?
Guest: Absolutely! and Luigi’s, although are you suggesting that it’s not as cool?
Brianna: Not at all! (I don’t actually know; I’m an independent researcher unaffiliated with Disney)
Guest: Ah!
Guest: Now you know how crazy we Disney folk are O_O
Brianna: 🙂 In addition to the current interaction points, what other venues or entertainment offerings would you like to interact with your ‘Glow with the Show’ ear hat, such as Sleeping Beauty’s Castle, the fireworks, or parades?
Brianna: Not crazy, delightful 🙂
Guest: I was bummed when it wasnt (as far as I know) implemented with the Halloween or Christmas time fireworks so I would LOVE to see more of that. I think an implementation with Small World’s “Magic Memories and You” show is a no-braniner and I would love to see that. Also the castle would be great! I am interested in it all! Even Mansion and/or Pirates if implemented correctly but it REALLY has to work well and add to the shows for those rides
Brianna: Those are all the questions I have for you. Thank you so much for your time and feedback! Please click “NEXT” to continue…. Have a wonderful rest of your day!!

Pretty neat!  How would you have answered some of these?  Are there GWTS updates coming soon?  We sure hope so!