Currently Blowing My Mind: Mystic Manor!

The wife and I just booked our trip to Japan, which I will gush about in future posts but today has been replete with Mystic Manor news, announcements, updates, and now: A VIDEO!

This looks absolutely incredible and yet another trackless ride system from Disney’s Imagineering team! I had never even heard of trackless ride systems until researching our Tokyo Disneyland trip but now this is something I KNOW we need here in the US parks. Robert told me that TOT in Florida is a trackless system which I had no clue but these have come quite a way in 20 years!

I am surprised it’s in English although I have done little to no study on the overseas parks.  Disneyland Resort Paris had a few rides that offered an English experience and Tokyo Disneyland and Disney Sea parks seem to be mainly in Japanese (with the option of picking up “story papers” at City Hall.)  Also, Danny Elfman’s score is a fitting choice for this attraction and it offers a great new soundtrack for those attraction audiophiles out there!

Mystic Manor is China’s first foray into the Haunted Mansion-type attraction.  However, from what I can tell and have heard, ghosts are a big taboo in China so the imagineers thought up a clever workaround using a cute, mischievous, and marketable monkey and a mysterious music box that is a recent addition to Lord Henry’s collection of antiquities.

Mystic Manor at Hong Kong Disneyland’s new Mystic Point area officially open to the public May 17, 2013.