Episode 6 – Scary Stories to Tell at Disneyland!

Grab a seat by the fire and prepare to be transported into several scary stories that take place right at the parks! In this episode, we delve into the dark past of the parks by way of campfire tales in the style of one of our favorite TV shows from when we were kids.

Boney Island!
Boney Island!


Join us, if you dare, for the stories from the parks! And stick around to the end to learn about some great local haunts here in Los Angeles!



Missing in the Mansion!

The Shadowlands!

Ghosts ‘n Ghouls!

Mouse Tales!

Local Haunts:

Boney Island!

House at Haunted Hill!

Rotten Apple 907!

Ghost Train!

Haunted Mansion Haunt!

Dick van Dyke’s Haunt! (DISCONTINUED!)

Pierce College Harvest Fair!


Dark Harbor!