Live-Action Toy Story!

This is something special.  From their Facebook page: “‘TS Project’ started production in late June 2010 by Jonason Pauley, (then 17), and Jesse Perrotta (18).”  Uploaded just 5 days ago, this 2.5-year-long project was finally uploaded to YouTube and has already garnered 5.5M views!

I am 23 minutes in and just astonished with what these kids pulled off.  The Buzz flying scene was quite the feat!  While not the prettiest thing, I can’t imagine the techniques they picked up on while making this — coverage, stop motion, reveals, etc.  Incredible story-telling school in the span of 2 and a half years — and some crazy dedication.

I’d love to sit down with these guys and hear how they pulled some of this off, their inspirations, and some technical specs!  The full feature is embedded below — enjoy!