Podcast Options!

Hey there!  We’ve got a podcast.  Maybe you’ve heard it — maybe not?  This is more of an announcement about where you might find the podcast in its various forms.  A cheat-sheet, if you will.

We try to make it pretty easy to find but there are just so many options and here they are:

Right Here!  We added a “Podcast” button to the top menu so you can easily find the podcast embedded in the page.  Right now, Google Chrome doesn’t seem to love playing back the file but Safari, Firefox, and Internet Explorer seem to work fine. Safari on the iPhone and iPad seem to work well, as well.

iTunes! I absolutely LOVE Apple’s Podcast app.  It allows you to subscribe to your favorite podcasts whether they’re in the iTunes store or not.  It’ll alert you when there are new episodes and it’s the easiest way to see linked and photo content we embed into the episodes.

YouTube! They have made it very Podcast friendly and we have committed to creating and uploading HD versions of our podcasts with embedded content and links when we can.  You can subscribe here and they even let us make a “Podcasts!” playlist so you can play them all at once.  Subscribe, won’t you?

SoundCloud! We have a free SoundCloud account so you’ll only ever have the last two episodes available to you but you’re not that far behind anyway, right?  This is another really easy way to listen to the podcast while on the go, on the metro, in your car, on a run — however you wanna hear it!

Stitcher! This is a booming podcast community and we couldn’t be happier to be a part of it.

And the rest… When we set up this podcast, I submitted the feed to anywhere and everywhere I could.  That said, I have since forgotten many of the places but if you have a way to listen, we have a way to hear it.  Have your own favorite podcast app that we didn’t list?  You can use this link HERE and subscribe to just the feed, if you like.  It’s that simple.

Thanks for listening everyone!  It’s been a lot of fun hearing your comments and feedback about it and they sure are fun to make.  Even I feel like I learn a lot while recording and we hope it’s coming across as entertaining.  As long as it’s fun, we’ll keep making them!

See you at the parks!