Terrific “A Goofy Movie” Reenactments!

I love “A Goofy Movie.”  As unpopular as it may seem, I honestly think it may be my favorite Disney film.  It gives me all of the feels.  Like, if Powerline ever toured, I would go to MULTIPLE shows.

In case you have forgotten it, it’s about Goofy and his son Max.  Max is a high school misfit that’s into rock and roll and girls.  One particular girl, Roxanne, whom he’d love to impress — so much so that he dresses up as his favorite musician, Powerline, on the last day of school before summer vacation and performs his hit single “Stand Out” in front of the entire school! Max gets into a lot of trouble for the stunt and Goofy decides to take Max on a father/son road trip/bonding experience. Max, still wanting to impress, tells Roxanne that he’s going to the Powerline concert in LA. He re-routes him and his pop to LA where, lo and behold, they not only make it into the show but perform on stage with Powerline — and Roxanne saw it all on Pay-per-view!

Well, after seeing that in the film, it was something I always wanted to do.  It may have even been what got me interested in being in a band, performing on stage, writing, EVERYTHING!  I’m telling you, this film meant a LOT to me as a kid!  Well, these kids did exactly that!  With 5 minutes during a school assembly to do whatever they wanted, they did this awesome bit:

Compare that awesome performance to the original!

Not to diminish the originators of “A Goofy Movie” reenactments, check out what these guys imagineered back in 2009!

What a rush! I think they really nailed it. What about you?