Throwback Thursday — Walt Disney’s Final Interview

I have been using the app Dubsmash a lot lately with some other Disneyland fans. For those that don’t know, Dubsmash is an app full of movie and song quotes and you can lip sync to them and send them to your friends.

We noticed there were NO Walt Disney or Disneyland quotes so we started uploading them — a LOT of them.  Maybe I’ll share them here one day, but while looking for famous Walt Disney quotes to add to the site, I came across this gem:

Walt Disney’s Last Interview 9-24-66 from jaime maas on Vimeo.

Not sure if this is well-known in the Disney community, but this is Walt’s last interview and it was in September of 1966 just as he was preparing production of “The Happiest Millionaire.” He sounds great here! It’s from a South African radio program and Walt’s interview starts after the musical introduction at 6:25.

They talk about Mary Poppins, The Sherman Brothers, and even a little about Disneyland in this short but fun interview. It’s terrible that this was his last interview and he would pass away not 3 months later. He was a legend of not only his day but into today and beyond.

Take a listen to this interview sometime and imagine a world where radio programs sounded like this, Walt Disney was still a living legend, and the Disney company, while a mega-giant in its time, was relatively new and still finding its place in the world.

What a guy!


For fun, here’s one of our Dubsmash clips:

Pardon the audio quality, it’s the best version of the clip I could find.

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